Piano Tuning

Regular servicing by a tuner-technicians will preserve your instrument and help you avoid costly repair in the future.

The piano contains materials such as wood and felt. So, any sharp swings from hot to cold or dry to wet conditions cause its materials to swell and contract, affecting the tone, pitch and action response of touch.
The best piano performance conditions optimally at a temperature of 20 degrees C and 42 percent relative humidity.
Because each manufacturer selects its own materials, quality of wood, furniture designs, and level of craftsmanship, - every piano requires a different level of maintenance.

Manufacturers can provide general advice on tuning frequency, but we can give you specific recommendations based upon your usage and locale conditions.

We provide the following service:

  • Adjusting the string tension in order to make the piano perfectly in tune with itself, not necessarily at standard concert pitch. 
  • Most repairs and any regulation, voicing or replacement of piano parts.
  • A pitch raise and tune is required when the pitch of your piano has dropped one quarter tone or more below standard  in order to bring it back up to concert pitch A440 (vibration per second). This service is necessary if your piano has not been tuned for 2 years or more; or if it has been repositioned without care; or if it has been subjected to extreme swings in humidity and /or temperature.

In most cases you need have tuned piano every time you reposition your instrument or/and twice a year, when the house heating system goes on, and when it goes off. 




Regular Tuning

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Pitch Raise & Tuning


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