We are offering guitar lessons by a qualified and experienced teacher for electric and acoustic guitar.

Most styles of music (classical and modern pop) using combinations of chords and scales. Learning of scales and chords are very important. You will also learn songs and build your own repertoire (a list of songs), which you can share with your family and friends.

   Depends of your requirements guitar lessons can cover learning of:
- Picking (use a pick) and Strumming
- Finger techniques (rest stroke & free stroke)
- Scales and Arpeggios
- Rhythm and Sight Reading
- Music theory and Aural Test (hear chords,
  intervals and sing melodies) 






               Lessons are available for all ages:     

     from                 to            

During the lessons our students develop necessary skills and knowledge. They become familiar with different styles of music (classical, country, rock, blues, jazz, etc.) choosing to concentrate on any of them. 

Depending on personal music goals, students can play guitar just for Fun and/or preparation for the AMEB grading (Classical Guitar syllabus).